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Walnuts and Peanuts-A Significant Difference In Size

Could Arrested Development Be The Result Of Dentist’s Fluoride?

What if one of the favorite arrows in your dentist’s quiver, to reduce cavities was responsible for the shriveling of the male reproductive system? Would you laugh or be a little irritated?

Let’s say, hypothetically, researchers had a great idea and they decided to test and see whether exposing your male friend to sodium fluoride (NaF- the chemical symbol) would cause any serious problems. Just testing it’s safety, only putting a little fluoride in the water, just a few parts of fluoride for every million parts of water. They’ll test it at different levels like 2 parts fluoride to a million parts of water, or 2 ppm, as well as 4 ppm and 6 ppm.

They already knew from previous studies, that high concentrations of fluoride in water might be linked to lower birth rates (that’s a red flag). No real concern so far. Right? But, with fluoride concentrations as low as 2 ppm, 4 ppm, and 6, ppm highly significant reduction (read-shrinkage) of testicular weight and prostate weight occurred. Who would agree to that kind of testing?

You Can’t Do That To People Can You?

Let’s now jump from the hypothetical world to the real. You can’t test humans to see if their testicles shrink when exposed to fluoride, (it’s unethical) so let’s test fluoride’s safety on rats. If rats show problems with fluoride exposure in water shouldn’t we be concerned about human exposure too? Yes, I know, you cannot conclude that humans would suffer the same exact problems at the same exposure levels. But why would you risk the potential damage to your mate’s manhood, or that of your progeny.

It’s common knowledge, or should be, that young children, and developing children in utero during pregnancy, have a low body weight and are very sensitive to chemicals during development. Should pregnant women be using fluoride toothpastes? Should they put their male children at risk for retarded testicular development? Not in my opinion! During pregnancy the male brain is growing under the direction of testosterone coming from the baby’s developing testicles. Reduced testosterone at this highly vulnerable time yields changes that affect childhood and lifetime adult behavior as well.

What’s the worst case scenario? It’s arrested development as a result of toxic fluoride exposure. Too little damage to detect immediately but years later you see subtle shifts detectable in our male population. We already see a growing shift toward a more docile, compliant, and less aggressive male half of the population. Is this emasculation or sissification of the American male  the result of “know-it-all” dentist’s influence on water fluoridation, fluoride treatments and toothpastes? If male brains are not developing fully in pregnancy we are deliberately dumbing-down the male half of our adult population by fluoride exposure.

What About The Reduction In Fertility Rates?

What if you and your mate were planning on having children and were disappointed with your efforts? What if you then discovered that the fluoride stuff in toothpaste, recommended to you by your dentist for the last 10-20 years, is causing testicular shrinkage and infertility? It’s been going on since the 1950’s with only a few holistically or biologically minded dentist sounding an alarm.

Over-The-Counter Toothpaste Has 750 Times The Level Of Fluoride That Caused Damage To Rats

Toothpastes, according to the Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future, contain high fluoride levels. Just what the doctor ordered. Today the maximum level of fluoride in over the counter products is set at 1500ppm.

The maximum prescription strength of sodium fluoride products is set at 5000 ppm. That’s 2500 times the fluoride level that caused rat testicles to start shriveling. These prescription products are recommended for decay control in adolescents, adults and the elderly. Used the same way regular toothpastes are used except only once a day. Why? Because more frequent use would be toxic. By the way, don’t swallow any, and be careful to keep children away from it.

Prescription strength fluoride products are recommended for head and neck cancer patients who have had their saliva glands destroyed during radiation treatment even though there are no studies to support this recommendation.

All of this fluoride exposure results from studies indicating increasing fluoride levels in toothpastes drop the number of cavities in adults and children. Is arrested neurological  development worth the risk? Shouldn’t we error on the side of caution?

Continued fluoride use is not the way we want to go. Does it make sense to use something as toxic as fluoride to reduce a condition of cavities in teeth to acceptable levels, and put our children and adults at enormous risk? Does your dentist recommend avoiding fluoride? What you think about this? Or, am I just being a little paranoid?