Graphic Image Cautioning That Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines May Contain Toxic Metals

Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines May Contain Toxic Metals

Ayurvedic Remedies May Introduce Toxic Metals Into Your Search For Natural Dental Care Products

You need to be warned that Ayurvedic herbal medicine (AHM) products often contain metals that are considered quite toxic in herbal preparations. They may be in the form of solutions, oils, pastes or tablets. Their introduction into your dental care routine comes with significant risk if you are using untested products.

When testing was done on a group of products purchased in Boston area stores, one out of five contained harmful levels of lead, mercury or arsenic or a combination of these.

Admittedly, reported cases of heavy metal toxicity as a result of the use of traditional medicines are few.

Toxic metal accumulation, however, may not be recognizable until significant damage is done. Be mindful that your body accumulates toxic metals from a variety of sources, with AHM products being only one of these

Even though claims of good manufacturing practices are made by producers, 21% of internet AHM products tested showed positive for toxic metals.  However, those internet products produced by U.S.-based American Herbal Products Association members had fewer instances of detectable toxic metals.

Defenders of AHM products have also claimed that it is often just a breakdown in quality control during mass production. Others have suggested that contaminated soils may be responsible for herbal products having relatively large quantities of toxic metals.

They also claim, that 51% of the U.S. FDA approved drugs have serious side effects that were not recognize prior to their approval. And annually, over one and one-half-million people are injured sufficiently to be hospitalized, by properly prescribed prescription drugs.  Even though this may be true, this seems more an attempt at misdirection; watch this hand, ignore the other one

The toxic metals we are talking about are ones you have likely heard about before: lead, mercury and arsenic

These metals are deliberately included in AHM products as part of a practice known as rasa shastra which combines metals, minerals and gems with herbs for their desired result. These products may be produced in South Asia but sold in the United States, so buying a product here in the U.S. does not guarantee safety.

The incorporation of these metals in traditional (rasa shasta) products have caused Harvard medical school researchers to recommend mandatory toxic heavy metal testing of Ayurvedic herbal medicine (AHM) products as a means of protecting consumers.

Even after charges are made and defenses are raised, I cannot ignore the risks of untested sources of Ayurvedic products. Yes, it does remind me that there are risks with our current medical system. It depends heavily on pharmaceuticals to treat an increasing number of conditions.

I recommend that you carefully evaluate the risks associated with all complementary and alternative products produced both inside and outside of the Western nations. While GMP (good manufacturing practices) are a good start, as you guard the health and safety of your family, evaluate all products regardless of where they are produced. And be an aware buyer, if considering the use of AHM products.