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4 Reasons Why A Raw Food Cleanse Is Essential For Your Teeth

In this article you will learn:

1) What Is A Raw Food Cleanse For Teeth?
2) Why Is It So Important?
3) Why It Should Never End?
4) How Can Eating The Right Foods In The Right Order Protect Your Teeth?

Raw Food Cleanse And Detox Fasts Are Everywhere

One of the main reasons suggested for a raw food cleanse is to eliminate toxins within the body. Another is to help reduce the total amount of unhealthy carbohydrates and excess meats within your diet. And another is to help with weight loss. Another reason is to bring back good colon health. All of these may have benefits to varying degrees.
In order to consume whole raw fruits and vegetables you need to be able to chew them. With healthy teeth and gums, chewing is not a problem. The action of chewing firm raw fruits and vegetables tends to cleanse the teeth of soft plaque buildup but doesn’t eliminate it entirely.

Eating Lots Of Raw Fruit Can Be A “Dental Downer” In The Form Of Tooth Decay

The more fruit that is included in the raw food diet the greater the sugar consumption and the greater the impact elevating blood glucose and insulin. I see huge tooth decay issues in my patients who eat a large proportion of fruit in their diets. I caution them to drastically reduce fruit consumption. I have the mental picture of my Type II diabetic father injecting insulin into his leg or stomach every day reminding me to remain aware of my consumption of excess sugar in any form including fruit.
There are some extreme forms of cleanses such as the Banana Diet with consumption of 20 to 30 bananas every day. And there is the Grapefruit Diet with again a single food being used for a limited time to reduce weight. And there is Lindsey Lu and the “Raw till 4” diet promoting a raw vegan diet with a heavy emphasis on fruit consumption. I am concerned about great people setting themselves up for a “dental downer” in the form of tooth decay.

Sodas and Other High Acid Drinks Are Great For Starting Decay

And Dr. Don Colbert, MD, in his book Toxic Relief, recommends an occasional Master Cleanse, lemonade fast. It includes 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 1-tablespoon maple syrup, a tenth of a teaspoon cayenne pepper, all in 8 ounces of spring water with Stevia for sweetness. He advocates that you drink 8 to 12 glasses a day and eat or drink nothing else except water, peppermint tea or chamomile tea. I assume this is to be done for only one day at a time. He suggests that it be used periodically without specifying a particular frequency.
My take for a follow-up would be a thorough rinsing of your mouth with plain water followed by brushing and flossing to removes any fibrous fruit residue. High acid and “natural” sugar containing beverages at that frequency level will greatly increase potential gum line tooth sensitivity, as well as greatly increasing tooth decay.

HCLF-High Carbohydrate Low-Fat Diets Will Keep Your Dentist Busy

The specific concern I have after eating bananas exclusively, a variation of what is called a high carbohydrate low-fat diet (HCLF diet), is that the sugar content of the sticky banana residue is very high. Even the remaining non-sugar starchy component of the banana fruit is rapidly converted to sugars by amylase enzymes (starch to sugar converting enzymes) in your saliva. So if any of this sticky banana residue remains on your teeth I would expect much higher than average tooth decay rates for all HCLF diet adherents. And this is exactly what I see in my practice.
Juice only fasts vary as some recommend filtering out all pulp with others preserving the pulp within the juice. When I juice vegetables, it makes more sense for the pulp to be retained and consumed with the juice. This will provide bulk for proper elimination and intestinal function. If I were to use a juice fast that contained fruit, I would also want to retain the pulp in what I consumed to slightly reduce the rate of fruit sugar absorption and its impact on blood glucose and subsequent insulin spiking.

Raw Food Cleansing Of Your Teeth Should Never End

I would prefer to see consumption of raw fruits and vegetables that have not been juiced for the purposes of providing a natural form of abrasion of soft dental plaque deposits. If you disagree, then exceptional dental home care on your part is the only thing that will keep you away from dental drama.
The take home lesson is: eat the stickiest, high sugar and carbohydrate containing foods early in your meal and finish up with a salad or other raw vegetables at the end, to naturally pull sticky foods out of crevices. Raw vegetables will provide natural cleansing power as you chew. That means, if you are still eating desserts with your meals, you should probably eat it first and finish your meal with the essential raw vegetable salad.

Eat Dessert First

If you are beginning, now, to think ahead about the potential of food staying behind providing a meal for bacteria, then how you eat your meal is important. Eat the sweetest and stickiest foods early in your meal and finish up with a salad or other raw vegetables at the end to naturally pull sticky foods out of crevices.