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How Can A Biological Dentist Protect You From Mercury?

A Biological Dentist Works To Protect You From Mercury

It Starts With A Tickle In The Back Of Your Throat

You cough and cough again. Your eyes are watering. It’s getting worse, tears flowing, coughing again, harder, leaning over the bathroom sink, strings of saliva. A big piece of something gray clinks into the sink. You coughed it out. The tears subside. What is it? It looks like metal and feels hard and sharp.

Congratulations, you had dental work done today. Cavities were filled. You’re still numb and can barely feel your face. Smiling in the mirror, your face looks crooked, and puffy, like you’ve had a stroke. You can’t even speak clearly. Your lips don’t work.

Your dentist explained it’ll take a couple of hours for the numbness will wear off, but you will look and feel normal again. Whew! Good thing, because right now things look pretty messed up.

Looking closer, you see patches of gray on your teeth where it was white before and another chunk of the same gray stuff you coughed out earlier.  It’s lying between your lip and gums and you have to roll it out using your fingers, because your tongue is half-numb too.

Note: The description above is my experience and it’s just how I remember it. It happened to me at an ordinary dentist. If you can relate to this you are probably thinking: What did I just do?

Welcome To The World Of Regular, Normal, Garden Variety Dentistry

You’ve gone through a dental experience not unlike millions of others here in the U.S. and abroad. You’ve had a dentist put mercury fillings in your mouth. You didn’t ask, and he probably didn’t tell you. Now it’s too late. Maybe he mumbled something about silver fillings or silver colored fillings beforehand. Probably not. An all too common problem these days.

Silver fillings contain more mercury than silver, so they really should be called mercury fillings. And “silver colored” fillings are the same thing just using weasel words to disguise it. Why would you want to put mercury fillings in your mouth if it’s the same mercury that’s a problem in fish, light bulbs, and half a dozen other sources mentioned by the Environmental Protection Agency?

You Need A Biological Or Holistic Dentist

Is mercury a problem because it is toxic?  Yes, in my opinion, and it should not be unlike other toxins we deal with on a daily basis. Once you acknowledge a toxin is a toxin then you make logical decisions about how you will deal with it.

Some dentists deal with mercury as a toxin, avoid its use and handle it accordingly. Those dentists could be called holistic or biological dentists. Other dentists tend to float through their practice life with little regard for mercury’s toxic properties. Part of this is due to their training, and part is due to…

You can try to educate your dentist. I wish you good luck with that. A few might even look at information you might bring them, but I would bet that’s not going to happen.

Let’s face it. It is hard to make changes in the way we do anything. We are creatures of habit. And all change meets with resistance. And some change meets with enormous resistance. It took more than 25 years for the medical community to accept that ulcers are caused by a bacteria and are easily treatable. The dental community appears even slower to accept change. Maybe it is due to the mercury?

Mercury appears to be a protected status toxin and changing the view of all dentists regarding mercury will take a tremendous amount of time and enormous effort. Headway is being made, from an environmental approach, which saves face for the establishment and ever so slowly will protect you and your family. Or, if you don’t want to wait for 100 years, you can be proactive and take steps today to reduce your exposure to one of the most toxic materials on earth.

Biological Dentists Or Holistic Dentists Are Trained To Remove Mercury Fillings Safely

Don’t fight a losing battle with dentists not willing to consider your concerns. Find a dentist that demonstrates he has already changed his views, and is willing to start fighting for your health.

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