How to reduce gap between teeth naturally is not something with a definitive answer. A gap between teeth is not uncommon, and for most people, it can be a heavy burden to bear. Some people don’t mind having the gap; in fact, they prefer it, but others can feel a bit self-conscious. A gap between the teeth is an orthodontic condition which also has the name diastema.

Usually, braces are the first choices to treat the condition, but for some people, they may not be favorable. Not a lot of individuals like braces because of the negative connotation that they have always carried. For a long time, people with braces have always had to endure ridicule due to their appearance.

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What Are the Available Options?

For this reason, one may want to find out how to reduce gap between teeth naturally. Besides avoiding major physical changes, a home remedy costs next to nothing, which is more than can be said for conventional treatments. The cost of fitting braces combined with the dentist visits can cost a considerable amount. Note that a home remedy may not always be the best solution and should not replace the advice of a qualified dentist, especially in severe conditions.

Fixing Diastema with Teeth Bands

There are not a lot of options available when looking at how to reduce gap between teeth naturally. In fact, an individual who is not ready to try out a professional solution yet only has one home remedy, and that is using tooth bands. These bands are made of synthetic material and designed to apply pressure on the teeth. Teeth bands qualify as home remedies because you only have to buy and start using them without the aid of a dentist, though you can get recommendations on the best products. For the bands to be effective, the gap between the teeth has to be less than 3.5 mm, so the first step in this home remedy is to measure the size of the diastema.

A measuring tape and mirror are the tools required when you want to know how large the gap is. Using the mirror, identify the section(s) with the gap then take the tape or ruler and place it horizontally to get the length of the spacing. Write down the measurement (in mm) because they may be useful if you have to visit a dentist. If the gap is wider than 3.5 mm, you may be better served by professional treatment techniques. Also, check that the rest of the teeth are relatively straight because if they are not and you go ahead to apply undue pressure, it may cause misalignment.

How Does It Work?

To reduce gap between teeth naturally using this method, place a tooth band around the space and over the two teeth. By design, a rubber band is meant to maintain its original position, so when it is stretched between two teeth, it tends to force its way back. The band exerts pressure that draws the teeth together, consequently closing the gap.

For satisfactory results, wear the bands when going to bed consecutively. Outcomes may vary from one person to the next, but after a week, the spacing should start closing. Large gaps may take up to six months to close. Consistency is key when wearing teeth bands; therefore, discipline goes a long way. Because teeth bands are barely noticeable, you can wear them for the recommended 12 hours without feeling too self-conscious.

Teeth bands are not suitable for children or individuals with periodontal diseases. Be cautious when buying rubber bands because the wrong ones can have negative effects. Deciding on suitable teeth bands for how to reduce gap between teeth naturally is confusing without an expert opinion because there are numerous options on the market. It is always safer to use medically certified products; therefore, look for the FDA approval seal when buying. Additionally, do some research to find out which bands give the best results.

Why Teeth Bands Could Be a Solution

Using teeth gap bands to treat diastema offers several advantages when dealing with issues on how to reduce gap between teeth naturally. For one, they don’t have side effects, which are always a concern when getting other medical treatments such as veneers. Some people prefer teeth bands because traditional techniques can be very invasive. An individual with healthy gums and teeth won’t have to worry about the safety of his/her oral health when using bands. They don’t make it difficult to chew or drink and even someone who grinds his or her teeth can use bands comfortably.

The affordability of teeth bands is another reason they make a viable alternative when looking for how to reduce gap between teeth naturally. Most people live with diastema their whole lives because metal braces are expensive and clear aligners even more so. The simplicity of using teeth bands makes them excellent home remedies because regardless of age or level of education, the instructions are very straightforward.

Teeth gap bands are not new; they have been in use for over ten years and have been proven effective for closing gaps between teeth. Most of the conventional methods of treating diastema require constant supervision from a dentist, and some people may not have the means or the time to keep up, thus the advantage of this home remedy.

Maintaining Results of Home Treatment

Getting the gap closed is a great triumph, but it is not the end of the treatment. You have to ensure that your teeth stay in their new position, which takes a lot of care. It is possible for new gaps to develop if your teeth don’t receive the attention they need. Frequent brushing and flossing is a good start, but it may be necessary to make a few dentist visits to be certain that the condition is treated. Avoiding hard foods will also help maintain the good results.


You may have had diastema all your life or have just noticed that your teeth have started spacing abnormally and now want to fix them. Even though a gap between the teeth is now considered fashionable, you may not want to keep yours.

Just because you don’t have the means to get braces should not stop you from fixing the condition. The use of teeth gap bands is the only known home remedy for reducing the gap between teeth. If you are scouring the web for how to reduce gap between teeth naturally, then this is a viable solution.

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