Whose Teeth Are Smoking?

Image showing mercury vapors eminating from a 25 year old mercury filling

Mercury Vapors Coming From A 25 Year-old Filling
Courtesy David Kennedy DDS

If You Have So Called- Silver Fillings, Your Teeth Are

You almost can’t believe your eyes. Yes, it’s toxic mercury vapors. Watch the YouTube video. (I’ll give you the direct link below)
The IAOMT is a non-profit group that helps you and your dentist understand the risks and potential toxic effects of mercury, in mercury-“silver” fillings, fluoride, and other dental materials.
The current 700 member strong organization was started by 13 dentists. The founding members banded together in 1984, after attending an inflammatory seminar on dental mercury dangers. They purposed to verify, scientifically, the radical claims being made by a dentist lecturer in direct opposition to the claims of safety by the dental establishment.

It now consists of a group of like minded physicians, dentists and medical researchers with the common goal of helping dentists and physicians take better care of you. The members are schooled in the negative effects of toxic materials and dental bacterial infections on your health. Their goal is to help educate both your dentist and you, a member of the inquiring general public, in these matters.

What Is The IAOMT’s Focus?

The IAOMT is an educational alternative, for your dentist. It’s a place to examine age-old paradigms and tradition for tradition’s sake. The founding members decided upon, “show me the science,” as their motto in 1984. They believed that merely using the same methods and materials dentists have used for the last one hundred and fifty years without an occasional scientific reevaluation was very risky for both your dentist and you.

The IAOMT does this in a variety of ways, including supporting research, distributing scientific information, and also providing clinical advisory services. Your dentist, if a member, finds a group of like-minded professionals focused on your dental health and overall well-being.

The semi-annual meetings have speakers coming from a variety of scientific, medical and non-medical disciplines including physiology, toxicology, chemistry, and biochemistry. They also include speakers with expertise in pharmacology, cardiology, nutrition, microbiology, immunology and materials science. So it is a real fusion of ideas and information with you as the ultimate beneficiary.

What I like most about the IAOMT meetings is the number of speakers outside of the dental mainstream with relevant information. There can be a tendency for “institutionalized educational inbreeding” to stifle research and education. I’m sure you have seen examples of this in many areas where it is often safer to regurgitate what is taught versus looking for substance or truth. I certainly have.

I believe the occasional glance over the walls of the “ivory tower” of higher education to survey what is happening in other branches of science and engineering, is a basic requirement of progress, not an act of heresy. The stimulation of new ideas in dentistry, while requiring evaluation, is needed to provide good patient care, while not doing harm.

What Is The IAOMT Doing To Help You?

IAOMT helps educate your dentist on a variety of topics such as gum disease, and ways it can be treated. That’s important since it’s a disease affecting up to 70% or more of your family and friends as they age. The organization also helps you and your dentist to better understand the toxic effects of fluoride, mercury in mercury-“silver” fillings and other dental materials.

They offer specific training in the removal of mercury based, so called “silver” fillings, so that both you, the patient and your dentist are protected from the exposure to mercury vapor and mercury laden particles as your old mercury fillings are replaced. If you have concerns about mercury in fillings, as I do and want to minimize your exposure to mercury as a filling is replaced, think about getting your dentist educated at IAOMT. Perhaps he’ll even become an IAOMT holistic dentist.

You probably didn’t know that dental schools never taught their students about mercury vapors emanating from mercury-“silver” fillings. So most older dentists, and a lot of newer ones too, often don’t have a frame of reference for dealing with mercury toxicity discussions. It can turn their world upside down.

The good news is that an increasing number of researchers and scientists are adding to the reports on the effects caused by the careless placement and careless removal of mercury “silver” fillings. There is also growing international pressure being applied to the dental industry world wide to remove dental mercury from the materials list used by dentists. We will see how it turns out in the next few years.

Ask your dentist to look at what IAOMT has to offer. It may help him be a better dentist for you. The Smoking Tooth video is on Youtube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bw94F94FZqA