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Mercury, An Environmental Toxin, Is Poisoning Millions Every Day.

And the place where mercury is “hiding” in your life may be right in front of your face as you look in a mirror. Smile big and open your mouth. Do you see any silver fillings? They’re the ones that appear shiny when brand new, but gradually turn gray and then black over time.

They could very well be responsible for the infertility you’ve been experiencing. And nothing is more disappointing than waiting to have children until the time is right, and then finding out your efforts are thwarted month after month and year after year. It’s what I experienced many years ago. Then it was off to the fertility specialists. I believe my occupational mercury exposure could have lead to a delay in our conceiving a child.

Frustrated Infertility Specialists

The fertility specialists were totally clueless when it came to considering environmental toxins back then. These were dedicated, very well educated physicians with years of extra training in an area of medicine that they had great passion for. Very smart, but so ignorant of what dentists were placing into their mouths and the mouths of their patients. Why? Because those who educated them, who were well educated physicians and PhD professors, were also ignorant of environmental toxin effects.

Could Poison Be Hiding Right Under Your Nose?

Could the cause of your fertility problem really be right under your nose? In fact, right in your mouth? Yes! Mercury fillings leak mercury, constantly. They are responsible for mercury poisoning.

They’ll permanently stain your teeth over time as mercury and other metals slowly leak out of fillings into your teeth. Your once beautiful pearly white teeth turn an appalling blue-gray in just a few years.

“I don’t have mercury fillings, I have silver fillings,” you may claim. But unfortunately, the source of mercury in your mouth IS the so called “silver fillings.” How could they possibly affect you!

Silver Fillings Contain Mercury

I’ll bet your dentist never told you that your fillings were made of toxic mercury. Am I right? It’s been a secret. The fillings have been called “silver” fillings for a very long time. Why are they called “silver” fillings when they are made of nearly 50% mercury? It’s totally deceptive. If you ask me, it’s not even remotely truthful.

When Your Body Builds A Baby

When your body begins building a baby it starts growing from a single fertilized egg. That single cell egg then divides to form two cells, and each of these cells divides to form two more (4 then, 8 then 16, then 32, etc.) doubling each time. The smaller the bundle of cells at the time a toxin is introduced the greater the potential damage it can cause.

If a toxic exposure affects one or more of the early dividing cells severely, the entire clump of dividing cells may die and be reabsorbed and you may never even realize you were pregnant. The fancy medical term for this is a spontaneous abortion. And it’s not all that uncommon.

If this occurs repeatedly you are just experiencing what can be called infertility. There are many reasons that a failure to conceive occurs. But toxins, negatively affecting a developing baby just after conception, can be a cause.

The March of Dimes-Birth Defects Foundation believes as many as 50% of all pregnancies end in a spontaneous abortion, and many of those even before you miss your first menstrual period. They go on to say that 15% of the pregnancies that are recognized also end in a spontaneous abortion.

Imagine what would those numbers could shrink to if you weren’t exposed to any toxins?

Miscarriage- What An Unfortunate Term

If a toxic exposure affects one or more of the later dividing cells only slightly, the remaining cells that form from those cells multiplying (2 then 4, then 8, etc.) are at risk of potential mutation or cell death. If the mutation(s) are critical, the developing embryo may spontaneously abort later in pregnancy and you’ll likely be aware of it. It is unfortunate that the term miscarriage is used, like you did something terribly wrong, deliberately.

Toxic exposures during pregnancy can also result in birth defects that show up in full-term live-births. The March of Dimes has statistics on the frequency and severity of the most common ones. Just thinking about all of the potential environmentally toxic materials is almost overwhelming. So what do you pay attention to?

Who Are The Environmental Bad Guys?

Your environment is filled with potentially damaging exposure opportunities for a developing child, so start with eliminating the obvious sources of contamination. You’ve probably heard of the most common ones, but here is the short list:

  • Mercury
  • Lead
  • Cadmium
  • Pesticides
  • Medications

These are some of the most common neuro-developmental toxins. These are the ones that cause brain and nervous system damage in adults, and they are especially damaging in the developing or growing brain. When you, as a young mom, are exposed to these toxins during the sensitive first and second trimester of fetal development, your baby’s brain suffers the consequences. Your brain and body are at risk as well so do be careful with environmental toxins.

Other studied toxins, that affect fertility require a degree in biochemistry to just pronounce and just trying makes your brain hurt!

Your Genetics Play A Role Too

Genetic susceptibility to environmental toxin exposures is just beginning to be understood, but research in this area progresses at a snail’s pace. I’ll touch on this subject in a future article.

Since mercury is on the short list of toxic environmental contaminants, why subject yourself to any unnecessary risk? Maybe you have “good genes,” but maybe you don’t. Don’t take any chances. Just avoid having any mercury containing fillings placed in your mouth by your dentist. Your baby will thank you.

You Have To Be Your Own Health Advocate

Unfortunately, since dental schools are still training dentists to place mercury containing fillings, you have to be your own health advocate. You have to ask your dentist what she is planning to use to fill your cavities.

Mercury, in fish, is often mentioned as the most significant source of mercury to be avoided. And there is also growing concern about coal used for power generation releasing mercury into the air. But one of the most significant sources of mercury is the never-talked-about mercury present in silver-amalgam fillings in your mouth.

Why Are Mercury Fillings A Problem?

If you have mercury fillings, I believe they are the most significant source of mercury exposure you will likely experience. Mercury can even be measured in the saliva you swallow.

When you inhale, you are breathing in air mixed with vapors, or fumes from your mercury containing fillings. And 80% of those mercury vapors are absorbed into your blood. Once there, the mercury moves around to all parts of your body. The blood flows to your brain, the placenta and your developing baby’s brain too. The mercury then leaves the blood and is absorbed into brain, nervous system tissues, and variety of others where it causes it’s damaging effects.

Don’t risk permanent developmental brain damage or intellectual disability with your child. When your dentist says she wants to place a “silver” filling, just say NO. If she says she wants to place an amalgam filling, just say NO. Make sure you are not receiving any mercury containing fillings, ever.

OK, I’ve Got Mercury Fillings, Now What Do I Do?

“Wait! I already have some silver fillings, and you said they contain mercury, and we’re planning on have a baby in the future. What should I do?”

You are way ahead of the game, if you have never had a mercury filing placed to begin with. But if you’ve already had mercury fillings placed in your mouth, I would recommend you talk to a holistic or biological dentist for specific advice for your situation. They can advise you of the safest way to remove mercury fillings before you become pregnant.

Any dentist can and often will remove mercury containing fillings if you insist. You want to have all of the special precautions used that are needed to avoid contaminating more of your body when you have your fillings removed. See an experienced holistic dentist or biological dentist. They have received special training in the best ways to remove mercury containing fillings and not put you at risk in the process.