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A Natural Dentist May Be The Best Choice For The Remodel Project Of Your Mouth.

It’s an incredibly important remodel project. It’s YOUR mouth. Yeah, it’s deteriorated over time; you’ve neglected it a bit, and it’s looking a little shabby. But, now is the time for change.

You’ve made the decision. You’ve got to “sell” this house again. A new job, the prospect of a new relationship. There are dozens of reasons.

You’re going to improve its appearance. Stop pain. Fix leaky fillings. Repair the gum foundation. Clean out the cobwebs. A fresh coat of paint. Just put it all back in good order again so you can depend on it for a good number of years. It’s “where you live,” so to speak.

Picking the right dentist for this “remodel project” is like selecting a building contractor. Let’s take an imaginary trip. Think about the last building remodel project you’ve lived through.

How Do You Choose Between Contractors?

You’ve got lots of choices. You eventually decide to use a neighbor’s recommendation. They seemed pleased with the work that was done for them and it looks good to you.

You invite their contractor, let’s call him Steven, over to take a look and give you an estimate. He takes a few minutes, a little less time than you expected, runs out to his truck and returns with an estimate.

For some crazy reason you feel lead to ask what kinds of materials he will be using on the job. He waves his hands in the air a few times and says just the standard stuff.

I Know What I’m Doing

“I’ve been doing this for years, I know what I’m doing,” Steven explains.

“There’s new drywall, taping, texturing, sanding and painting. Flooring would be put down, next and new carpeting to finish and won’t take too long,” he says.

You feel a little uneasy but you decide to go along with him because he is so friendly, the price seems okay and it’s too much trouble to check out another contractor or two.

“When can we get started?” Steven asks.

You give him the go ahead and the dust starts flying. A little plumbing and new duct work for better heating too.

Your House Is A Mess

There’s crap everywhere. Drywall chunks, dried taping compound and insulation litter the addition, but have also been tracked through the rest of your first floor.

The second floor and basement also seem to have been hit by the debris tornado, but the pieces are smaller.

It takes about six weeks and you are so ready, really, really ready to be done. You are sick of living in the dirt and debris of the remodel. Finally you usher the contractor out for the last time.

“Call me if you have any problems!” says Steven.

Two months later you are still finding dust and debris in crevices. and take care to clean up the last of it. Now you can rest. You are done. Finished. Don’t want to do that again real soon.

Fast Forward Twenty Years To The Present

Your conversation with friends, it turns to life’s challenges. Someone mentions construction nightmares. Everyone winces.

You describe the remodel project you lived through years ago and they share some of their own stories and experiences. It seems all remodel projects are stressful. Some more than others.

Isn’t That Very Dangerous?

Then someone says, “I heard that some contractors in that era were using asbestos products. Isn’t that very dangerous?”

They relate that some of their friends have had health issues that may have been caused by asbestos. Now you begin to worry. Did my contractor use asbestos?

A little seed of doubt begins to germinate and you are off to the races with research. What you find is puzzling because asbestos products were used industry wide for years. Then regulations were imposed for health reasons.

As you call around now you find that most contractors that worked with the material back then, said it’s not that bad and not to worry. Others have had health problems themselves and, yes there are studies that now conclude asbestos should never have been used for as long as it was.

“If I only knew then, what I know now, I would never have used it,” says one. The contractor you used years ago is no longer in business. He died a while back.

Back To The Present

So what are you going to do when selecting a contractor, whoops, dentist for your mouth or smile “remodel project?”  We considered the analogy of a dentist as the remodeling contractor for your mouth. Just like not all contractors are the same, neither are all dentists. Some are concerned about the quality of materials used in your project some are not.

Will non-toxic materials be used when you have your “remodel” done by your dentist? I hope so. Will he follow safe mercury filling removal procedures to protect you? I hope so.

Mercury, In Dental Fillings Is Like Asbestos In Building Products

Mercury, in dental fillings is like asbestos in building products. Nobody talks much about them. Both, though, have long been suspect of causing severe health problems. Some dentists are more aware of the health implications of using certain dental materials, some are not.

It’s known now that asbestos was hiding in drywall products, ceiling textures, and floor tiles for years.  And those materials have been made illegal to use. Why? Their health risks.

Mercury hides in silver fillings, silver colored fillings or amalgam fillings. The names don’t give you a hint as to what is inside. Dentists know it’s there, but have been lulled into thinking it’s not significant.

When asbestos is removed now from a home or business constructed with old asbestos containing materials, strict worker protections are required during the removal process. And a goal for the final result is safety for the inhabitants.

When mercury fillings are removed now during your mouth “remodel project,” strict procedures SHOULD also be followed for your safety and the safety of the workers involved. But most of the time they are not! And safe materials should be used as your final project progresses to completion. But mercury fillings are still being placed in unsuspecting patients today! You have to ask and be your own advocate.

Most dentists shrug off any concerns about the toxic nature of mercury. If they are not concerned for their own welfare, they probably won’t be concerned about yours either. They are not following any special precautions during removal of mercury containing fillings you are at risk for mercury contamination.

Safe Removal Of Mercury Containing Fillings

Natural dentists, holistic dentists and biological dentists are often trained in the special procedures required for the safe removal of mercury containing fillings. They are often much more aware of the potential problems toxic materials can cause if used or if mishandled during removal.

Some contractors are very concerned about the “livability” of any project they work on. Some dentists are also very concerned about the “livability” of any project they work on.

My bet would be on a competent, toxic material aware, dentist. Check out for a directory of dentists concerned about toxic dental materials.