Image showing the severity of dental fluorosis

Image Courtesy Forum On Fluoridation 2002 and Craig Sommer DDS

The Brain Damaging Effects Of Dental Fluoride

Fluoride, that “it’s good for you” stuff you get at your “regular” dentist, has now been implicated in brain damage sufficient to lower IQ scores.

With increasing levels of fluoride exposure, regardless of the source, we now recognize it’s affecting brain development, causing problems reflected in dropping IQ scores.

You are exposed to fluoride in almost all dental offices through: fluoride rinses, fluoride treatments, fluoride prescriptions for decay, fluoride varnishes on teeth, fluoride containing sealants, etc. Don’t be afraid to ask if the treatment you or your children are receiving utilizes fluoride. You have a right to know. How can you control how much you are exposed to if you are aren’t aware of the sources?

A recent Scientific American article highlights one U.S. community’s frightening concerns. In the August 2014 issue in “Is Fluoride in Private Wells Causing an IQ Decline?,” the magazine highlights the concern of lowered IQ scores as a result of fluoride exposure.

High Fluoride Levels In Drinking Water And Lower IQ Scores

Two dozen studies show the link between high fluoride levels in drinking water and lower IQ scores.* While most of these studies were conducted in China and couple in Iran, remember we have high naturally existing fluoride levels in U.S. water supplies too.

IQ scores are used routinely to predict success in  educational achievement, intellectual disability, performance in occupations, and as a natural extension, earning potential.

The IQ test, whether you have positive feelings about it or not, is a historical, standardized measure of intelligence.  It can be argued that it only reflects certain types of intelligence, but let’s roll with it as a useful measure. The test uses the score of 100 to denote the intelligence of the average (median score) of all test takers.  Half of the tested population scores above the median score and half below.

If increasing fluoride consumption puts you at greater risk for lower IQ scores, and lower IQ scores put you at a disadvantage for success in life, then it follows that you may want to avoid fluoride completely.

Fluoride. It’s In The Very Water You Drink

In Dedham, MA, it’s not quite so easy because it is in the water. The affected citizens are not connected to the public water supply but are relying on private well water.  In Dedham, well water finds its way from the surface in the form of rain or snow, percolating down slowly through natural granite, rich in fluoride containing minerals and into the local aquifer, where it is retrieved.

Well testing revealed that about 38 percent of the water in Dedham was above the state’s guidelines for fluoride. Further testing around he state showed the Dedham community was not the only community affected by the high levels of fluoride in well water.

While well water has been a focus in this article, most of us in the U.S. have fluoride forced upon us by well intentioned community governments using our drinking water as the vehicle. Many community water supplies have fluoride levels that greatly exceed what is required to create the ugly dental consequences. Are they also, unwittingly, creating brain damage resulting in lowered IQ scores?

Many of these communities are not adding fluoride but are stuck trying to figure out how to remove all of the naturally existing fluoride from the local water sources like in Dedham.

No Level Of Fluoride Should Be Considered Safe

In my opinion, no level of fluoride should be considered safe; so no products containing fluoride should even be considered for use by your family.

Home fluoride removal from your tap or well water is not easy. I use a multistage filter to remove all dissolved solids and still question if it is good enough. More on fluoride removal options will be covered in another article.

The Scientific American article, in an afterthought, throws in a casual concern about how residents can be  exposed to even higher levels as a result of using fluoride dental rinses and fluoridated toothpastes. The author, fortunately, is aware of the dental office exposure risk.

Doctor, Why Again, Should I Have Fluoride?

I suggest you have a conversation with your dentist about why you or your children need to have fluoride if it can cause dental disfigurement and brain development issues resulting in lowered IQ scores.

An IAOMT biological dentist is likely already aware of this controversy and will agree with your desire to go “FLUORIDE FREE.” No arguments, no fuss.