A Sexy Smile Does Not Have Teeth That Feel Like They Are Wearing Sweaters- Courtesy of Craig Sommer DDS at www.springsdentist.com

Clean Teeth Look Shiny While Feeling Slick And Smooth

Are your teeth wearing sweaters?

Use your tongue to check. This may be obvious, but do you use your tongue to feel if the sides of your teeth are clean after a meal? If your tongue doesn’t know what clean teeth feel like your will never be able to recognize leftovers. Teeth should feel super smooth when they are free of plaque and food debris. If they feel like they’ve got something stuck on the sides, a sweater like feeling, it’s probably plaque or food. Take some time to remove the debris and leftovers with a convenient cleaning device.

Cleaning Your Teeth In A Pinch

What could you use? In a real bind? Finger nail? Not so good. How about a facial tissue to chase off the obvious lettuce and tomato. Nothing is more attractive than a multicolored smile with special accents.

You could use a wooden or plastic toothpick, but that requires some mental minds-eye practice, imagining right where you are cleaning unless you are looking in a mirror up close. You could hide a toothpick behind your other hand as you use it, as I have seen done in other cultures. That’s a little better.

Everybody’s Got A Little OCD

Sometimes you just get stuff stuck between your teeth that drives you nuts. You can’t even function until it’s removed. And you don’t care if someone else sees you. Everybody’s got a little OCD.

If you’ve got a travel brush, where the brush head hides in the handle when it’s not being used, and a convenient restroom, you’ll do a much better job. Your toothbrush, in a car, at a stoplight, and a rear view mirror will work okay too. Even sugarless gum can come in handy.

It’s not just the smiling teeth that I’m talking about; it’s all of them. There are times when you just can’t brush or use a toothpick or sneak a peek in a mirror, so use your tongue as an evaluator and check things out. If you have a meeting coming up and you don’t want distractions pulling someone’s attention away from what you’re saying it’s much better to have a clean smile.

Image of Clean Shiny Slick Smooth Teeth

A Sexy Smile Has Clean Shiny and Smooth Teeth
Courtesy of Craig Sommer DDS at www.springsdentist.com

They’re Watching You

In an experiment that was done several years ago, observers recorded eye movements during an ongoing conversation. The eyes tracked as an inverted triangle. As two people speak up close, they watched the listener begin with a loose gaze at the face. Then the focus narrowed down to one eye and then the other. Then it dropped down to the mouth to watch the lips and teeth for a moment, then back up to the eyes again. Repeating again and again with occasional glances to the sides to avoid being creepy.

Your mouth movement captures quite a bit of attention as you speak. Don’t trust me check it out yourself. It’s what I focus on as part of my job. It’s what I do. I want people to be presentable. To put their best foot forward. To feel comfortable and confident as they are speaking. If you are worrying about what your smile looks like, then you can’t focus on the conversation, and you are missing out on real communication.

Now if you’re checking someone out from a distance your gaze will track all over but will eventually narrow down more specifically to the face as you come closer. It’s at this close-up distance where you can see more clearly the small things that characterize a person’s smile.

What’s Your First Impression Good Or Bad?

In mere moments someone is forming his or her first impression of you. Is it good or bad? And you realize you are making that same assessment of them. Don’t mess this up. And if it’s a friend, be real nice and let them know that they’ve got a meal souvenir. Nobody wants to find out at 4:00 that they’ve had a poppy seed up front since lunch. Clean teeth are so much more important than just keeping your dentist happy. A sexy smile needs clean teeth.